Paper Gold






Gurkha Bullions and Vault are now offering our loyal customer a high security, insured, storage for free in the form of paper gold.


What is paper gold?

Paper gold is a paper certificate that guarantee a conversion of it’s value into actual gold. These kinds of gold certificates are often used on foreign exchanges instead of actual gold to make financial transactions easier. A more specific definition of paper gold involves the International Monetary Fund or IMF. The International Monetary Fund is a 20th century creation that provides for specific financial operations between nation-states. The IFM is a major vehicle for allowing lending to countries that must than pay off their debts to the IMF over time. A number controversies have followed the IMF since its inception, and now, debates over the use of paper gold and other currency standards are coming to a head .


Why choose paper gold                  

In recent times, the dollar has been used as a global currency. The status of the dollar is currently generating some interest and debate, since other alternative methods would also allow for a standard currency between nations. One option is paper gold, where the certificates that represent gold could be used as a world currency.

Looking at the ways that nations currently evaluate the IMF and world currency standards requires a detailed knowledge of each nation’s history and foreign policy. According to experts, the trade relationship between China and the U.S. has helped to prop up continued use of the dollar as a global currency, but some other finance professionals feel that this may be changing.

Regardless of whether paper gold becomes a global currency standard, gold certificates will continue to be in use as a commonly considered way to make assets more concrete, when holding them in a certain national currency seems to be a weak position. Financial professionals generally regard gold as a more stable form of currency than a specific national currency. The argument is that gold has intrinsic value as a heavy metal, where the currencies of the world’s nations are simply paper.


Nature of paper gold

The prices of paper gold are volatile. The value of your investment in the Accounts is calculated with reference to the prices of gold. You should recognize that the prices of paper gold and the value of your investment may go down as well as up.

The Accounts do not involve physical delivery of gold. You do not have any rights, ownership and possession of any physical gold in the Accounts. The allocation of gold in the Accounts is notional and is for the sole purpose of determining the cash value of your investment in the Accounts.

These are investment products. The investment decision is yours but you should not open the Accounts and invest in paper gold unless you know which relevant product is suitable for you with regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.


Is Paper Gold Safe?

You may ask yourself whether it is sensible or safe to put resources into paper gold in the event that you don’t really have the metal you purchased. This is a vital inquiry, in light of the fact that by purchasing paper gold you get presented to counterparty hazard (the hazard that your exchange accomplice will neglect to satisfy their guarantees).

So, that is alright in the event that you utilize just a little part of your capital for obtaining paper gold (for example by theorizing on its value moves), however it might end up risky if a lot of capital is in question (long haul speculations). For instance, on the off chance that you purchase a gold ETF share, you get a paper that exchanges generally an indistinguishable way from does gold. You may pitch it to some other financial specialist simply like a stock and get money. Please note, be that as it may, that most ETFs don’t permit recoveries in gold. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you need to offer your ETF shares, you won’t have the capacity to trade them for gold.

For whatever length of time that the interest for ETF shares is sound and you can pitch them to different financial specialists (and not to the ETF), even ETFs without enough physical gold will figure out how to make great business. In any case, if there is a default in the gold subordinates as well as gold decreases as well as the interest for these offers falls fundamentally, it might turn out that such ETFs can’t recover the majority of their shares. The less physical gold the reserve really holds, the higher the likelihood that in an outrageous circumstance you may end up out on a delicate appendage.


Tax Efficiency

Benefits from gold ETFs and gold assets are dealt with as long haul capital picks up and saddled at a lower rate (level 10% or 20% with indexation) if the holding time frame surpasses one year. If there should be an occurrence of physical gold, the holding time frame must be three years previously the benefits are dealt with as long haul picks up. Paper gold likewise does not draw in riches assess (with the exception of e-gold).



Paper gold is suitable for investment purposes because it can be bought in small denominations of 1 gram. Some companies even offer 500 mg units. It is not possible to buy gold jewellery in very small denominations. The smallest ornament would weigh about 4-5 grams.


Assurance of Purity

There’s no compelling reason to stress over the virtue of gold while purchasing ETFs. Gold ETFs are required to hold identical amount of gold bullion of 99.5% immaculateness. In physical gold, the purchaser needs to guarantee that he gets the immaculateness he has paid for.


Conversion Possible

Paper gold can be changed over into physical gold by rematerialisation. Till now, e-gold was the main type of paper gold that enabled change to physical gold. Presently, gold ETF units can likewise be traded for bullion.